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Real Estate Attorney in McHenry, Illinois

You've just bought some new property, and you have big plans for it. However, just because you own the property, that doesn't mean you have an unlimited amount of freedom to develop it as you please. There are building codes to follow, environmental laws to keep in mind, and zoning regulations to abide by. The Law Offices of Rupp and Youman serving Volo, McHenry, Woodstock & Crystal Lake, IL can provide you with legal guidance to help you understand the freedoms and limitations that you have with your property.

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Develop a Better Understanding of Real Estate and Property Law

When you're developing properties, there are many legal issues that can surface. The Law Offices of Rupp and Youman can help you understand renters' rights and tenants' rights, how your development project may affect public health or safety, and the developmental regulations that you face. We'll give you legal guidance on:

  • Residential and commercial construction

  • Land use

  • Zoning

  • Contracts

  • Closings

  • Leases

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